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relieve stress • relaxation • relieve postoperative pain • reduce anxiety • manage low-back pain • ease tension in shoulders and neck • help fibromyalgia pain • reduce muscle tension • enhance exercise performance • relive tension headaches • sleep better • ease symptoms of depression • improve cardiovascular health • reduce pain of osteoarthritis • decrease stress in cancer patients • improve balance in older adults • decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain • temper effects of dementia • promote relaxation • lower blood pressure • decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • help chronic neck pain• lower joint replacement pain • increase range of motion • decrease migraine frequency • improve quality of life in hospice care • reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

"Christel has such grounding energy I instantly felt at ease with her and could really relax.  She made my sore body feel so much better and I was able to release tension and stress.  I recommend her to anyone who loves an amazing massage."

- Kat

"Christel is a sensitive and intuitive massage therapist.  I always leave her table feeling very relaxed, refreshed and happy!  Her approach is sweet and reassuring.  I highly recommend you receive some Christel magic."

- Ginger

"What a beautiful space you have for your massage clients right by the ocean.  Everyone who has the chance should schedule a massage with you.  You have such a beautiful healing energy and I am so grateful for you!"

- Karen

"Scheduling a massage with Christel was simply the best thing I could of done during the "most wonderful time of the year"Do something good for yourself and book your time of healing with Christel."

- Shannon

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